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Flock Curiosity Assembly

Pea Drops - Found Object Series #1

Pea Drops - Found Object Series #1

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These lusciously fun gems are the first in a new and ongoing series called 'FOUND OBJECT'.

We will be continuously creating new pieces to add to this series based on random found objects that have found their way into our day to day lives.

Without giving too much away, (its more fun to keep you guessing what our original inspirational object was!), these guys are called 'Pea Drops'. 

They are 100% designed and created by us, lovingly hand finished, polished and buffed. They are set with handmade sterling silver hooks.

As these earrings are all made individually, they may have slight imperfections (i.e bubbles) making them extra special and adding to the handmade aesthetic and uniqueness of your selected pair!

Having said that, we can custom make similar pieces, but again, no two pieces are the same, a factor that we really enjoy and embrace about our product.


  • Materials Resin, Sterling Silver 925
  • Size Approx 55mm in length, 50mm in width, 15 mm in depth.               Please note that these dimensions are approximate as each pair is slightly different from the other which is due to the handfinish process.  If you want specific measurements, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Weight Approx 30g per pair.

Additional Information

  • Please note that some pieces are slightly translucent
  • These items are available for wholesale. Please contact us for further information.


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