We are Stacey Rutigliano and Sarah Byrne and together we are Flock Curiosity Assembly, a creative partnership inspired by a mutual love of colour and experimental resin play in the spiderwebbed confines of our Melbourne suburbanite homed based studios. 

Our handmade one of kind resin jewellery incorporates a variety of techniques and materials, with a particular emphasis on exploring unconventional colour combinations in the form of playful and edgy statement designs.   

Every piece is designed, sculpted, cast and finished by us in our home-based Melbourne studios.


We have previously had collections of work in Australian retail stores including Gorman, Obus, and Fool Clothing and well as international outlets in America, Japan, Scotland, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

We currently sell our jewellery at various local markets including Bowerbird Design Market, The Big Design Market, Finders Keepers, The Collective Hustle, and Markit. We also sell at select retail outlets and online. We have recently completed a very exciting custom range for the Melbourne Museum to accompany their latest exhibitions, Revolutions: Records and Rebels


We welcome wholesale inquiries, please feel free to email us for further information