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Flock Curiosity Assembly

Organic Round Bangle - Medium Size - Multiple Options Available

Organic Round Bangle - Medium Size - Multiple Options Available

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Organic Round Bangle

Important Information

This listing is for 24 unique items.

Please select from the drown menu the item you wish to purchase with reference to the photographs and item codes.

The final photo is a reference photo of samples of the same bangles for your reference. These unfortunately are unavailable for sale.


Our organic round bangles are a part of our Classics Range.

This bangle is a medium size and very lightweight due to the use of resin as a material. Looks great by itself or as a part of cluster. They are 100% designed and created by us, lovingly hand finished, polished and buffed.

As these bangles are all made individually, they may have slight imperfections (i.e bubbles) making them extra special and adding to the handmade aesthetic and uniqueness of your selected bangle!


  • Materials Resin
  • Size Inside Measurements Approx 
  • Please note that these dimensions are approximate as each pair is slightly different from the other which is due to the handfinish process.  If you want specific measurements, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Weight Approx 

Additional Information

  • Please note that some pieces are slightly translucent
  • These items are available for wholesale. Please contact us for further information.
  • We currently only have one size in this design but we are working towards new sizes in the near future.
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